UST Closure – Environmental, Inc. can provide either “turnkey” UST closure services or work as a component of a team to complete the required task(s). We are fully licensed in Alabama to provide these UST services (UST license # 9575).

AST Services – Environmental, Inc. has completed multiple assessments and remediations at AST sites. We provide necessary tank management services ranging from SPCC Plans to tank closure and remediation if required.

Preliminary and Secondary Investigations – In the event that petroleum contamination is encountered, the regulatory agency may require additional investigation of soil and/or groundwater. Environmental, Inc. personnel have many years of experience with these investigations.

Corrective Action/Remediation – In some instances the presence of petroleum contamination in soil or groundwater may exceed acceptable limits. In these cases, such as the presence of free product on the groundwater surface or the presence of a drinking water supply well in the immediate vicinity of the site, it may be necessary to physically remove the contaminants from the soil or groundwater. Environmental, Inc. employs the most efficient, cost-effective remediation methods on each site and can install/modify/ decommission soil and or groundwater treatment systems. We have an Alabama General Contractors License for Environmental Remediation (#44074).