Waste Management – Environmental, Inc. can manage a customer’s waste and provide services such as: Investigation—derived waste (IDW) and loading, transportation, and disposal of a contaminated soil and groundwater, bulk disposal of consolidated drummed material, sampling and analysis of unknown material, and waste profiling and transportation of hazardous and/or non-hazardous material. We can also provide cost effective disposal alternatives.

Industrial Services – Environmental, Inc. can provide the customer with services associated with industrial applications such as: industrial cleaning, tank cleaning, sump and oil/water separator maintenance cleaning, vacuum truck services, steam/high pressure cleaning, sludge cleanup and removal, and spill cleanup. Environmental, Inc. can work with the customer to coordinate work activities and establish a schedule while minimizing impact to the customer’s operations.

Emergency Response – Factors beyond your control can sometimes lead to a release of regulated substances. Environmental, Inc. personnel are prepared to respond to an emergency release and conduct cleanup activities.